Hackathon HHAI June 2022

Collaborative fake news detection with AI

A chance to win a 1.000€ and to develop your idea further.

Detecting fake news

The hackathon revolves around the theme of detecting fake news, i.e., articles containing false or misleading information. This is a task where AI can help experts go through vast amounts of data of various modalities such as texts, images, video and meta-data. However, it is also a task where it is profoundly difficult to create an AI for as it often not a clear cut choice what information is false.

What you will be doing

As a participant you get the opportunity to develop your own concept to tackle this process where the AI system learns from a human expert. You will be supplied with a data set and an initial codebase to get you started. With your team you develop a proof of concept that shows how an AI can be trained by an expert such that it learns faster and better.

AI and Human together

We envision an approach where domain experts and AI system collaborate in detecting fake news. In particular, how the knowledge of the expert can be used in collaboration with the knowledge of the AI system. For example, an interaction where the expert can teach the AI system or where the AI system provides the expert with valuable information to make a decision.

Join now!

You can enroll as a team of up to five people, or you enroll as an individual in which case we find a suitable team for you. During the hackathon your team will be supported by a coach who guides you through the process. This coach will be an expert on a relevant research area. Furthermore, we aim to have several domain experts present for you to discuss your ideas with. Finally, we offer an open and inclusive environment where you can learn from each other and expand your network. Take a look at this page for more information on registration.

The winning team will go home with 1.000€ and a chance to develop their idea further in collaboration with TNO and the industry.

The concept you will work on together with your fellow team members will be rated by a distinguished jury on its creativity, impact and feasibility. The winners will go home with 1.000€ and a chance to develop their idea further in collaboration with TNO and the industry in a follow-up project. No matter if you win or not, we will give you ample opportunity to network with academia and industry representatives alike, as well as a chance to hone your skills to a challenging and societal relevant problem.

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